MITWPU School of Law has taken a noble initiative in the form of Legal Aid to contribute towards the society and act as a ray of hope to all the entities who are deprived of justice for a very long time. It is collaborating with several eminent lawyers and legal firms to give a beautiful shape to this noble idea. They shall act hand in hand in the following areas-

  • To identify and solve the problems & difficulties of the poor
  • To involve in activities such as, spreading legal awareness and educating people on their basic rights
  • To promote a pro bono service culture and tradition with the legal profession
  • To support the development of demonstrating Legal Aid in society


    Let Justice Prevail

    "Helping hands are better than Praying lips"

    Thinking smart, Future prospects and Wellbeing are the pillars on which the success of any department depends. MIT WPU's School of Law offers the 5-year integrated BBA-LL.B (Hons) program, articulated in such a way that it resolves to bring about a change in the youth who aspire to don the hat of a lawyer and make their mark in the legal guild.

    Legal Aid Clinic is a practical method of learning, which provides the students a first-hand experience of dealing with clients and giving them free legal advice. Legal clinics typically do pro bono work in a particular area, providing free legal services to clients.

    The concept of Legal Aid Clinic rests upon three pillars in the form of Articles of the Constitution of India-

  • ARTICLE 14, which provides for equality before law and equal protection of law

  • ARTICLE 39A which provides for a holistic approach in providing legal aid to the parties. It states that justice should not be denied to the litigating parties due to financial constraints and the State shall provide free legal aid to the weaker and poorer sections of the society.

  • ARTICLE 21 which deals with Right to life. Right to life does not imply mere animal existence; rather it is a right to live a life with human dignity (the right to speedy trail and free legal aid has been recognized as a part of Article 21)


    Legal Aid Clinic is a noble initiation taken by the MIT-WPU School of Law, where legal assistance shall be provided to the weak and the down trodden of the society, free of cost. The students are the repository of zeal and enthusiasm, who shall provide legal services in general public interest. The students shall work in assistance with their teachers and lawyers.

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